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My name is Jaimee and I am the owner/creator/designer of All Mimsy Home. I began my business selling painted furniture in 2012. My business has evolved into DIY Workshops, Home Design services, and an occasional Vintage Market. Of course, I still love to tackle a beautiful piece of furniture now and then.

I live in interior Alaska with my husband, whom I refer to as Fireman, and our three children. (Our family has also fostered children and we are currently fostering four young lives, all siblings. For more on Our Foster Story, please read here.) Fireman oversees a college-aged firefighting crew at a local university fire department, which just happens to be the same fire department where we met and fell in love almost 30 years ago


Although I have a teaching degree in English, my heart forever longs to be home. Home with my babies, home baking granola, home re-arranging furniture, home painting a wall, home sharing projects online, home dreaming up new goals with Fireman. On most days I am inspired and creative yet easily distracted by new ideas. I diligently practice better record-keeping, finishing projects I start, and planning my schedule well because these are areas that easily get away from me if I’m not careful (I highly recommend John Acuff’s book Finish. It quite possibly changed my life.)

From my early years in elementary school, I was the one creating a “gathering place.” Whether celebrating a 40th birthday in Hawaii with friends, coordinating a uniquely spirited Book Club which lasted for years (we STILL talk about it!), hosting coffees for the beautiful ladies on my street, facilitating a Bible study, or offering DIY Workshops in my studio, my true joy is creating an environment that not only inspires, but encourages others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and challenge themselves in a new way, either in thought or in action. I wholeheartedly believe a rich, full life can be embraced this very moment if one is simply willing to show up, to learn, and to take action.


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